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The new JPX™ Jet Protector® is the most functional and powerful hand-held OC delivery system available today. The conventional design speeds training and ensures accurate solution delivery. A patented propulsion system launches high grade OC solution at 430 km/h. Effective range is up to 6.5 meters. Each magazine contains two charges, and quickly snaps on the frame. The power of each payload combined with reloading makes the JPX extremely effective for law enforcement use.

JPX Jet Protector

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The new Guardian Angel® is the most advanced non-lethal self defense tool available today. It renders pepper sprays obsolete and stops threats at a safe distance. Small, light and ergonomic, it carries easily in pocket or purse. The Guardian Angel contains two cylinders with powerful concentrations of high grade OC (Oleoresin Capsicum), a devastatingly effective inflammatory agent. Unlike conventional sprays, the Guardian Angel does not lose pressure over time.

Guardian Angel

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„It appears that the Jet Protector products will revolutionize OC delivery systems, much like Taser did for Electronic Stun Devices. I base this on our testing and use of the products..“

Captain Edward Cesolini, Commander Custody Operations and Special Response Team, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Phoenix / Arizona

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De Vigier Award
Piexon AG Buetzbergstrasse 1 CH-4912 Aarwangen / Switzerland
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